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Who we are and what we do!

G&S Satcom is a software development specialist for satellite communications. Working with industry leaders such as VT iDirect and Inmarsat Government, we provide solutions for end-users, Service Providers and Network Operators.


G&S SatConnect

Simplify your business. Provisioning, billing, subscription management, and more: simplicity is efficiency and with G&S SatConnect, your operations become easier than ever.



Our expertise in the satellite industry is based on years of close cooperation with crucial industry stakeholders. Get vital input from our experts and lead your project to success.


iDirect Certified Developer

As Developer Partner of the leading ground infrastructure provider, our proven proficiency with VT iDirect‘s software and hardware solutions allows us to develop custom solutions to fulfill your needs.

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What is G&S SatConnect?

At the core, G&S SatConnect is a tool to streamline your daily operations and increase your efficiency. We take complex processes, analyze them thoroughly, and make them as end user-friendly as possible. G&S SatConnect simplifies your user experience by reducing the interactions to what is required and putting the complexity behind the scenes.

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As experts in satellite communications software, our team provides a broad range of subject matter expertise, allowing us to work on High-Level-Designs and Low-Level-Designs to ensure that the deliverables will meet your use cases and scale expectations, while coordinating between all stakeholders for a successful project.

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iDirect Certified Developer

VT iDirect‘s industry-leading solutions have proven their capabilities with years of reliable service. As Certified Developer Partner, G&S SatCom has the tools and the capabilities to integrate with VT iDirect products by implementing custom-built additions. Whatever your requirements are, we will find a tailor-made solution for you.

When we needed a simple and automated system to provision and monitor GX services for our customers and partners, the G&S team worked with us to deliver a customized, intuitive software platform to do just that, with scalability and flexibility for the future.

Ramesh Vishnubhatla, Senior Director, Information Technology