Instantly Available,
Tremendous Potential

Conquer the services market with your own branded G&S Marketplace instance! Configure custom addons and deliver instant value through digital services. Benefit from an extended product catalogue with value-adding partner offerings. Revolutionize your sales model, create new revenue streams!

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Efficiency starts here

Your Unique Product Catalogue

The G&S Marketplace is the latest addition to G&S SatCom's revolutionary software solutions for the satellite industry. It provides Operators and Service Providers their own marketplace for value-adding services with simple configuration and easy access control. From simply offering top-up packages for customers who have been rate-limited to comprehensive forecasting and analysis solutions, the G&S Marketplace gives you the opportunity to define products on-the-fly and grant your customers access via an easy-to-navigate interface. From the outset equipped with a host of pre-defined services, you can either create your own services or add partner solutions to your offering, creating a vast eco-system of services that sets you apart from your competitors.

G&S Marketplace - your unique solution to services

Time-to-market virtually zero!

Take advantage of the G&S Marketplace Cloud with zero lead time, managed service and extensive SaaS benefits. Within minutes your configure your own, unique marketplace, grant your customers access and start selling your first value-adding services! You have full control over your instance, no access for anyone without your prior permission

  • Your own, branded marketplace
  • Access-restricted, fully controlled by you
  • Offer services to your clients they never knew about before
  • Add third-party services to your offerings
  • Regular updates instantly available
  • Simple set-up and integration to your existing infrastructure

Offer any kind of service

Your G&S Marketplace is the easiest way to distinguish your services from those of your competitors! Equipped with a host of pre-defined solutions that not just simplify your customers' operations but also add extra features, the G&S Marketplace opens new revenue streams for up- and re-selling. Create custom solutions and services on-the-fly to set yourself apart from your competitors' standard solutions! Include partner offerings to provide your customers with unique features and profit from revenue sharing!

G&S Marketplace - The Innovation in Services!

  • Security / Firewall
  • SD-WAN
  • Data rate upgrade
  • Volume packages
  • DPI
  • On-site monitoring data collection

Instant payment

Once you need an addon, you don't want to wait for hours until you can actually use it. G&S Marketplace supports instant payment options such as credit card and PayPal. This way your customers' payments get processed right on the spot, allowing them to use services without delay. With the business side of things taken care of, you just focus on the best product catalogue for your customers!

Don't have hardware on the edge?

G&S Edge - The optional all-in-one edge compute unit for satellite communication

G&S Edge

The On-Site Orchestration Toolbox

G&S Edge is the optional all-in-one edge compute unit for satellite communication. Connecting to any terminal, G&S Edge provides services beyond mere communication. Featuring the G&S Marketplace, G&S Edge is the easiest and most reliable way to deliver and run value-adding services for your clients. Deploy them OTA via the marketplace at a click of the button or upload it at the edge. The selection of multiple models enables you to get the best fit for performance and cost for your requirements. To get going our low-cost model provides a great starting point for multiple services at the edge. With new requirements and offerings you can then select higher performance models as needed. The G&S Edge software architecture allows you to run several services in parallel and either manage them for your customer or have them choose and purchase services from your catalogue without getting involved at all. You will receive detailed purchase records for your billing process.

Advanced orchestration for advanced services - G&S Marketplace in G&S SatConnect®!

G&S SatConnect® is the innovative orchestration software to automate your business. Combine G&S SatConnect®'s compelling ressources and sophisticated orchestration with the revolutionary G&S Marketplace to make upselling easier than ever! No more manual intervention needed, services get activated automatically with G&S SatConnect® as soon as your customers hit the purchase button. Create a powerful platform to serve your customers requirements and deliver value-added services on the fly with less effort than you can imagine. G&S Marketplace in G&S SatConnect® combines the best of two worlds, extensive orchestration with comprehensive upselling opportunities!