Monitoring & Analytics

A quick overview at a glance or a comprehensive display of all details, G&S SatConnect® gives you precisely what you need.

All your networks in just one system, supported by a powerful orchestration engine which integrates seamlessly into your platform of choice. With this solid basis, G&S SatConnect®’s feature-rich architecture, including for example automated IP management, multi-tenancy, comprehensive dashboards and more, augments and optimizes your operations to a new level. Bringing all this together in a unified interface enables new strategic possibilities while making network management easier than ever before.

With G&S SatConnect®, network monitoring and analytics has never been easier.

It’s vital to have a clear picture of everything that’s happening in your network. G&S SatConnect® provides you with the right tools to get the right information at the right time. Receive warnings whenever one of your terminals encounters an error or unexpected event. Analyze network status, service quality and more for a group of terminals or check each terminal’s details individually. Define services messages for your customers to update them automatically on network issues and resolve issues straight out of the platform.

Get the best insight into your network with G&S SatConnect®’s comprehensive and dynamic monitoring features! Don’t dig for information, get it right at your hands with at-a-glance overviews and in-depth data analysis for meaningful evaluations.

With its feature-rich monitoring solutions, such as freely configurable dashboards, map views, and group reports, G&S SatConnect® converts a host of information into easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive, output. Having the right information available at the right time empowers your business processes and might even show early indications of discrepancies or new trends. Thus, G&S SatConnect® is the base for making solid decisions - based on facts.

There is power in information. G&S SatConnect® uncovers its potential!

Find detailed and vital information such as your terminals’ health status, traffic utilization and FAP usage, as well as past and present product usage statistics in a concise report. Additionally, get a detailed combined report across an entire product or across organizations, including, heatmaps aggregating information when which product was used how much within the organization.

Alternatively, look at your terminals’ current real-time location or historical trail, including the respective operational state at that time, the product that was being utilized, and more. With the support for map overlays, either pre-configured such as beam footprints, or custom configured according to your needs, you get a powerful tool to relate your terminal’s position to context information. Most importantly, a weather overlay lets you identify whether current environmental conditions may trigger connectivity issues in certain regions.

All of these and an abundance of additional features can be combined in G&S SatConnect®’s powerful dashboard. Define your own custom dashboard utilizing pre-configured widgets based on a variety of data that match your specific needs. Share those dashboards with others and choose whether they may even make changes to the dashboard. The opportunities are endless, perfectly matching your individual requirements.