Full of Features

Our three distinct packages are tailored to give you the very best of G&S SatConnect for your specific business. If your sole intend is to manage your networks as simple as possible, our Basic package is the right approach for you.
You want more control over your customer’s data consumption and a deeper integration with your existing infrastructure? The Business package will serve your purpose.
The Enterprise package gives you access to G&S SatConnect’s full features, from Customer Portal to clustering for more data security. The right choice for any ambitious growth.


Multiple Networks, One System

G&S SatConnect supports a variety of networks and the list is continuously growing! Currently, you can choose any one or multiple of the following networks:

  • iDirect Velocity®
  • iDirect Evolution®
  • IntelsatOne® Flex
  • Inmarsat Global Xpress
  • Inmarsat BGAN*

Pricing is solely based on the number of terminals with a minimum terminal count depending on the network type. Additionally, the per-terminal cost decrease from Basic package to Business package and again from Business package to Enterprise package.

*coming soon

Lifetime License

Doing It Your Way

The way to truly individualize G&S SatConnect. You have a promising idea or special project? G&S SatCom will support you in bringing these to life, giving you a unique edge over your competitors. Get in touch with us!