Looking back on 2020

We are looking back on a year that gave rise to unprecedented difficulties for everyone due to COVID-19. As a software solutions provider, G&S SatCom has been able to adapt to these challenges and by being able to work remotely we didn’t have to close down. In this respect, we can consider ourselves lucky. We are especially grateful to be able to look back on a year in which, despite all adversities, we were able to achieve our goals with a strong team and important partners.

Facilitating Intelsat's "Flex Move" product line with the benefits of G&S SatConnect® has been a major milestone for us and the result of strong partnership. As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates a large and advanced satellite fleet and has connectivity infrastructure across the world.

Media Broadcast Satellite - one of the leading service providers in Germany - joined as a new partner at the beginning of 2020. In its partnership with G&S SatCom, MBS benefits from advanced software solutions while at the same time feeding back valuable feedback for product development and improvements.

The innovation-driven expansion of cutting edge features in G&S SatConnect® and the continuous improvement of accessibility is among the other key drivers of the past year and one of our greatest focuses for 2021. Our advanced "Product Manager" is one of the outstanding features of 2020, allowing you to monetize services by integrating extensive upselling opportunities right into your platform.

The possibility of bringing multiple heterogeneous networks under one orchestration system is made a reality with G&S SatConnect®. We continuously extended our accessibility by integrating networks such as iDirect Velocity®, iDirect Evolution®, Comtech EF Data Heights™ as well as Newtec Dialog®.

We look forward to an exciting year with even more innovative and unique features, strong partnerships and a continuous addition of new integrations. A happy New Year to everyone, hopefully it will return us to normality.

The team of G&S SatCom - We make satellite innovation accessible.

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